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Wheely is a Swiss-founded British luxury services company. We lean into both cultural identities: Swiss privacy and British prestige hospitality. Our product combines highly-trained chauffeurs, fine in-car experiences, and instant journey availability via a well-designed app.

Over the next 5–10 years, we plan to build out and offer a full portfolio of luxury personal services, allowing clients to protect their time beyond just chauffeuring.

We are entering the world’s megacities one at a time — having started with London, Paris, Moscow, and Dubai. We are a Series B scale-up, and have raised $28 million to date.

As a luxury chauffeur company, we aim to provide exceptional ground transportation services to companies worldwide, in addition to our renowned private passenger service, establishing Wheely as a premier service provider in the B2B segment. Our comprehensive platform offers a broad selection of options for managing employee and business customer trips and expenses. Through partnerships with hotels and business jet companies, we strive to meet all our clients' needs, from arrival to city transfers. The Wheely for Business team oversees three products: the B2B Portal, the Hospitality product, and a collection of exclusive offerings for our top clients.




We are currently seeking a proactive, innovative, and results-oriented Frontend Engineer to join our B2B department. The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • Addressing complex business challenges at scale, developing features and user interfaces for the Wheely for Business web application and website, and delivering value incrementally in a continuous learning environment.
  • Designing scalable and reusable front-end systems and components.
  • Creating scalable technical frameworks and platforms, such as A/B testing frameworks and in-product onboarding platforms.
  • Identifying and resolving performance and scalability issues, maintaining and supporting the application.
  • Managing individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables.
  • Collaborating with Product Designers, Product Managers, and other Software Engineers.

We are looking for individuals who have

  • An agile mindset, excellent self-management skills, and strong analytical thinking.
  • The ability to clearly communicate technical concepts and effectively collaborate with the team.
  • Willingness to go beyond their responsibilities and contribute to the team in any capacity.
  • A proactive approach, with the ability to take ownership of various tasks and see them through to completion independently.


  • Previous experience in Software Engineer/Frontend Engineer/Frontend Developer roles of 5+ years.
  • Ability to create rich UI for the web apps and templates for the mailing lists.
  • Essential knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Browser APIs.
  • 3+ years experience with TypeScript, React, Redux/Mobx, Sass and PostSCC (as pre-/post-processors), and Webpack.
  • Experience in web app profiling.
  • Ability to express yourself in English, both written and spoken.


Wheely expects the very best from our people, both on the road and in the office. In return, employees enjoy flexible working hours, stock options, and an exceptional range of perks and benefits.

  • Competitive salary and equity package.
  • Relocation allowance.
  • Lunch allowance.
  • Professional development subsidies.
  • Best-in-class equipment.
  • Wheely has an in-person culture but allows flexible working hours and work from home when needed.
  • Wheely is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.
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Wheely is building the future of luxury personal services — starting with a product that combines highly trained chauffeurs, the finest in-car experiences, and instant availability via a well-designed app. They currently manage 3,000+ chauffeurs in London, Paris, Moscow, and Dubai, and have raised $28mn USD to date.

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