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Data Engineering

inDrive is an international technological platform for transport and personal services. We are one of the top 2 mobile travel booking services in the world with over 150 million installs, over 2 billion trips, 600+ cities in 40+ countries.

inDrive is a product used by tens of millions of people every month. They make urban or intercity trips, order cargo transportation or courier delivery, look for work and call handymen to provide household services.

inDrive employs more than 2,000 employees, of which 450+ are developers, divided into 50+ cross-functional teams.

We are looking for a Data engineer who will help build a Data Warehouse as part of a team that develops various Data solutions for such business areas as Fintech, Safety, ESG, Government Relation etc. We expect you to participate in architecture construction, data modeling, share knowledge and receive this knowledge. We are actively building our Data Warehouse, and we know for sure that this part of the project is one of the most important parts of the product.

We are not afraid to use new infrastructure solutions (Google Cloud Platform, AWS). We are free to make decisions, being limited only by laws on the protection of personal data. We make infrastructure and architectural decisions exclusively with a sober look at the problem and appealing to numbers.

The salary is paid in the currency of the country of registration. The salary range indicated is approximate — the final salary is discussed individually and depends on the personal tax percentage.


PythonSQLBig DataSparkAirflowBigQuery
  • We use Python / Scala to develop for Spark.
  • Python / Java / Go for writing services.
  • BigQuery / ClickHouse as an OLAP DBMS.
  • MySQL as an OLTP DBMS.
  • Trino for AdHoc analytics.
  • Apache Kafka and Google Pub / Sub as an integration layer between microservices.
  • Airflow 2 for ETL process orchestration.
  • We develop on GitHub, use Woodpecker, track issues in Jira, and write documentation in Documentary.

You will

  • Develop a culture of working with data.
  • Create a unified system for processing, storing and validating data.
  • Design and build processes for storing, processing, cleaning and enriching data.
  • Develop our internal data processing framework.
  • Develop infrastructure for storing and processing big data on K8s, Terraform.
  • Participate in the development of the data pipeline at all stages, ranging from discussions with data sources regarding the data capture format to the presentation of the new feature to consumers.
  • Develop services for transferring data to an external infrastructure.
  • Develop APIs (REST, gRPC) for high-load data access services.
  • Participate in system design and architectural solution development together with the development team.
  • Write integration and unit tests, develop automation tools for validation and alerting based on data status, and share knowledge with the developers during in-house meet-ups.

We expect from the candidate

  • Expert level knowledge of Python 3.7.
  • Experience developing ETL processes on PySpark.
  • Development of data flows on Airflow 2.
  • High level of SQL proficiency.
  • Excellent K8s knowledge and industrial application experience.
  • Understand data processing algorithms and principles.
  • Good knowledge of general programming concepts (design patterns, OOP, modularity, pure architecture, 12-Factor App).
  • Responsible and proactive (we believe that ideas should come not only from the business, but also from the company’s employees).
  • You understand what it means to own a technology or service (Ownership).
  • Work experience: 3–6 years.

We offer

  • A flexible work schedule, official employment compliant with the Labor Code. After one year of employment, workers are eligible for the Office Without Borders program, which allows them to move temporarily to and work from any location in the world.
  • Relocation to Cyprus or Kazakhstan at the company's expense, relocation package.
  • Regular external and internal training. Employees have the opportunity to attend professional conferences as participants or speakers.
  • Partially or fully paid supplementary training courses.
  • Monthly “Fun Day” activities — corporate events in various formats, ranging from standup nights to hikes in the mountains.
  • Something nice on important dates —company gifts to mark weddings, the birth of a child, and birthdays.
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О компании inDrive

Продуктовая компания

inDrive — международная технологическая платформа транспортных и бытовых услуг. Они входят в топ-2 мобильных сервисов для заказа поездок в мире: более 150 миллионов установок, более 2 миллиардов поездок, 700+ городов в 40+ странах мира.

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