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Activeloop (via Meettal)

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

в Activeloop (via Meettal)

200 000 —‍ 300 000 ₽/мес на руки

📍 Yerevan (Armenia)Полная удалёнка
Data Science / Machine Learning
1 - 5 человек

ActiveLoop is building Cloud for AI, you can think of operating system for machine learning applications. With increasingly fragmented landscape of computation resources across different special hardware and cloud providers, ActiveLoop unifies and abstracts away infrastructure for easier and highly efficient machine learning and deep learning. The company is founded by PhDs from Princeton University and backed by Y Combinator and other prominent investors from Silicon Valley. Now they are looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer.

Time zone

(GMT+04:00) Yerevan.

Line manager

Davit Buniatyan, Founder.


  • To join highly motivated, curious, hardworking explorers in the field of AI.
  • Work closely with the founding team in developing hyper scalable software for ML.
  • Enjoy the tough startup journey towards building endurable business.


  • Familiarity with Machine Learning frameworks (Tensorflow, Pytorch, XGBoost, etc.).
  • Strong Programming Skills (Python, C++, etc.).
  • Excitement to scale up experiments (Dockers, Kubernetes, Cloud).
  • Understanding of Distributed systems, Data Streaming and Storage or File systems (Map Reduce, Object Store, NFS).

Company offers

  • The role is fully remote.

Hiring process

  • Screening interview with recruiting company.
  • Culture fit interview for strictly qualified candidates.
  • Technical interview.
  • Practical task.
  • NDA signing, joining the team for an all-hands meeting to see how the team likes you and how you like the team.
  • Self-standing task to complete over one month, for which the salary is paid in full (some kind of a trial period).
  • Contract extended from one month onward upon successful completion.

Useful links

  • Omdena Case Study: link.
Нарек Асликян Co-Founder
Activeloop (via Meettal)

О компании Activeloop (via Meettal)

Продуктовая компания

Activeloop — компания по разработке программного обеспечения. Компания основана докторами наук из Принстонского университета и поддерживается Y Combinator и другими известными инвесторами из Силиконовой долины.

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