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Senior Java/Kotlin Backend Developer (Growth)

в FunCorp

5 000 —‍ 7 500 €/мес на руки

iconЛимасол, Кипр
Java / Kotlin
21 - 50 человек

FunCorp, an entertainment UGC app developer with a 10-year history of success, is developing FunXD, a product built around short entertaining videos and memes. Our goal is to create an app that millions of people in different countries will use.

To do this we adapt the product to the specific markets and audiences: somewhere we optimize it for Android Go, somewhere we experiment with the level of "let's make a content feed entirely focused on video". We do a lot of tests, and all decisions are made based on data. We often work with tasks that are atypical for many people: e.g., we experiment with adaptive streaming. At the same time, we keep the size of the app small.


  • Java / Kotlin + Spring + a bit of Ktor.
  • DB: MongoDB, Redis, Clickhouse, ElasticSearch, Memcached, Kafka.
  • Hybrid infrastructure (own DC + Amazon AWS).
  • Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab.

What will you do

  • Organizing of uninterrupted distribution of individual push notifications to users, tens of thousands per second (scaling of sending, distributed caches).
  • Implementing complex product experiments: on-the-fly image processing, feeds formation process.
  • Ensuring the stability and fault tolerance of the entire backend (this includes service mesh integration: client-side request balancing, service discovery, circuit breaker, end-to-end tracing, and graceful degradation).
  • Optimization of work with databases and queues.

What we will be expecting from you

  • Extensive experience in backend development in Java / Kotlin + MongoDB + Spring Framework.
  • Love to write clean code, use the DDD approach and follow SOLID principles.
  • Sense of humor.

What we offer

  • Office in Limassol (Cyprus).
  • Relocation package and visa support, opportunity to become an EU citizen.
  • Health insurance.
  • Powerful and fast hardware, Apple devices.
  • Free breakfasts and lunches with a wide choice of dishes.
  • IT meetups, conference participation, and corporate events.
Анастасия Малыгина Human Resources Manager

О компании FunCorp

Продуктовая компания
201 - 500

FUNCORP develops entertaining UGC applications with millions of daily users worldwide. We actively develop our products and launch new ones using a data-driven approach, machine learning, modern technologies, tools, and SDK. No legacy, technical debt, or bureaucracy.

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