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Nil foundation

Cryptography Protocol Engineer

в Nil foundation

3 000 —‍ 7 000 €/мес на руки

iconКипр, Лимасол
C++ / Rust / Go
C1/C2 — Advanced / FluentC1/C2 — Advanced / Fluent

=nil; Foundation was established in April 2018 to facilitate and support research and development in database management systems and applied cryptography. With its internal teams =nil; Foundation intends to create a tightly integrated set of technologies becoming a basis for secure data storage operating in insecure environments.

We are looking for talent and ambition mathematician-engineer (more of a mathematician than an engineer, to be honest), who is passionate about cryptography, decentralized systems, MPC protocols and Game Theory application in information exchange.

Nil Foundation is hiring remote engineers who have already relocated from Russia or willing to do it immediately.



Latest projects

=nil; Database Management System:

Database Management System providing a fault-tolerant replication mechanism for newly created databases and handling different kinds of fault-tolerant replication protocols for existing ones. Puts replication protocol to the database level, introduces swappable query languages and sub-clustering.


Solana claims to provide a performance-oriented cluster with a Berkley Packet Filter-based virtualization mechanism. =nil; Foundation's team has facilitated Solana cluster with the in-EVM "Light Client" state verification mechanism to pave the way to the trustless zero-knowledge proof-based bridge.

Mina Protocol:

Mina is building a gateway between the real world and crypto. By design, the entire Mina database is possible to be packed into a Pickles SNARK proof, which size is about 22kb. =nil; Foundation's team has facilitated Mina Protocol with the in-EVM Pickles SNARK proof verification mechanism, paving the way to the bridge with Ethereum.

Our teams

=nil; Protocol:

=nil; Protocol team is dedicated to communication and database replication protocol design and development.

=nil; Database:

=nil; Database team is dedicated to data storage system architecture research, design and development.

=nil; Crypto3:

=nil; Crypto3 is a team dedicated to design and development of cryptography theoretical constructions and implementations.


  • Developing protocols design for decentralized systems.
  • Writing specifications and research papers on these protocols.
  • Deep research of other solutions in the market.
  • Communication with development teams: explanations, protocols prototypes, spec drafts, more explanations.
  • Communication with another research team: formulation requirements for cryptographic primitives, assistance with SNARK-circuits definitions.


  • BS+ with major in Computer Science or Applied Math or equivalent experience.
  • Experience with MPC protocols design / analysis.
  • Familiarity with modern decentralized ledgers.
  • Some knowledge of Game Theory Applications, especially in information exchange.
  • Basic understanding of cryptographic algorithms and primitives.
  • Basic understanding of cryptography underlying math (hash functions, finite field arithmetic, polynomials, elliptic curves, etc.).
  • Some experience in C++ / Rust / Go.
  • Peer-reviewed publications in cryptography, distributed systems, peer-to-peer network, game theory applications is a strong plus.
  • The language is English, so you’re supposed to be at least C1 level.


  • Money.
  • No corporate bullshit culture.
  • Remote work or office work in Limassol — it is your choice.
  • Relocation support.
  • Health insurance.
Ольга Корсакевич Рекрутер
Nil foundation

О компании Nil foundation

Заказная разработка / Аутсорсинг
11 - 50

Nil foundation был создан для облегчения и улучшения проектов в области криптографии и баз данных с его командами и технологиями. Фонд поддерживает проекты (собственные и сторонние), предоставляя команды, экспертизу, технологии или финансирование. Nil foundation в партнерстве с P2P Validator способствовал запуску и развитию Free TON и Lido Finance, Filecoin Protocol и усовершенствований Chia Blockchain.

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