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Nil foundation

Cryptography Researcher

в Nil foundation

3 000 —‍ 7 000 €/мес на руки

iconКипр, Лимасол
С / С++
B2 — Upper-IntermediateB2 — Upper-Intermediate

We are looking for experienced cryptographer, who have an experience or strong interest in developing ZK proof systems.

=nil; Foundation was established in April 2018 to facilitate and support research and development in database management systems and applied cryptography. With its internal teams =nil; Foundation intends to create a tightly integrated set of technologies becoming a basis for secure data storages operating in insecure environments.

Nil Foundation is hiring remote specialists who have already relocated from Russia or willing to do it immediately.



Latest projects

=nil; Database Management System:

Database Management System providing a fault-tolerant replication mechanism for newly created databases and handling different kinds of fault-tolerant replication protocols for existing ones. Puts replication protocol to the database level, introduces swappable query languages and sub-clustering.


Solana claims to provide a performance-oriented cluster with a Berkley Packet Filter-based virtualization mechanism. =nil; Foundation's team has facilitated Solana cluster with the in-EVM "Light Client" state verification mechanism to pave the way to the trustless zero-knowledge proof-based bridge.

Mina protocol:

Mina is building a gateway between the real world and crypto. By design, the entire Mina database is possible to be packed into a Pickles SNARK proof, which size is about 22kb. =nil; Foundation's team has facilitated Mina Protocol with the in-EVM Pickles SNARK proof verification mechanism, paving the way to the bridge with Ethereum.

Our teams

=nil; Protocol:

=nil; Protocol team is dedicated to communication and database replication protocol design and development.

=nil; Database:

=nil; Database team is dedicated to data storage system architecture research, design and development.

=nil; Crypto3:

=nil; Crypto3 is a team dedicated to design and development of cryptography theoretical constructions and implementations.


  • Developing cryptography algorithms design, including proof system design.
  • Design circuits for protocols’ state proofs for a proof system.
  • Academic writing.
  • Specifications.
  • Research other solutions related to proof-system / circuits / other cryptography tasks.


  • MS with major in Applied Math or equivalent experience.
  • Deep expertise in cryptographic algorithms and primitives.
  • Peer-reviewed publications in cryptography, distributed systems, proof systems.
  • Understanding or experience in ZK proof techniques, zk-SNARK circuits or proof systems (for example, Groth16, Halo, Plonk, STARKs, Marlin).
  • C++14 / 17 experience.
  • The language is English, so you’re supposed to be at least B2 level.


  • Money.
  • No corporate bullshit culture.
  • Remote work or office work in Limassol.
  • Relocation support.
  • Health insurance.
Ольга Корсакевич IT Recruiter
Nil foundation

О компании Nil foundation

Заказная разработка / Аутсорсинг
11 - 50

Nil foundation был создан для облегчения и улучшения проектов в области криптографии и баз данных с его командами и технологиями. Фонд поддерживает проекты (собственные и сторонние), предоставляя команды, экспертизу, технологии или финансирование. Nil foundation в партнерстве с P2P Validator способствовал запуску и развитию Free TON и Lido Finance, Filecoin Protocol и усовершенствований Chia Blockchain.

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