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Senior PHP Developer

в FunCorp

4 000 —‍ 4 500 €/мес на руки

iconЛимасол, Кипр
21 - 50 человек

We have developed a modular PHP + Symfony monolith responsible for such business units as versioned API, back-office, and uploaded content moderation system. Modularity is provided through Symfony Bundles and separate deployment targets. The Domain-Driven Design approach is also widely used in the code.

We are constantly working on the development and improvement of this monolith, in particular, one of the current big tasks is the generation of automatic selections of the best content in the application and the development of the in-app purchases system.


  • We write in PHP, use Symfony components (Dependency Injection, HTTP Foundation, Config, and others).
  • MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Elasticsearch.
  • Proprietary data center, and also use Amazon AWS (S3, SQS, Cloudfront, SES).
  • We use PHPUnit, Codeception, Behat for testing.
  • We package applications in Docker, Jenkins builds projects.


  • Development and support of HTTP API for web and mobile clients.
  • Implementation of non-trivial business logic, work with big data.


  • Proficiency in PHP (Symfony Dependency Injection, HTTP Foundation, Config, and other components).
  • Experience with high loads: knowledge about replication, sharding, query balancing will be beneficial.
  • Passion for OOP and adherence to SOLID and DDD principles.
  • Ability to apply testing (PHPUnit, Codeception, Behat).
  • Knowledge of HTTP, REST, ability to build API.
  • Experience in Java / Kotlin development or willingness to learn it will be a plus, because of a significant part of the backend development in Kotlin.

You could join our team in Yerevan or Limassol office (we provide visa & relocation support).

Наталья Ронжина Junior Recruiter

О компании FunCorp

Продуктовая компания
201 - 500

FUNCORP develops entertaining UGC applications with millions of daily users worldwide. We actively develop our products and launch new ones using a data-driven approach, machine learning, modern technologies, tools, and SDK. No legacy, technical debt, or bureaucracy.

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