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Senior Frontend Web Developer

в Luxoft

170 000 —‍ 350 000 ₽/мес на руки

iconМосква, Россия
B2 — Upper-IntermediateB2 — Upper-Intermediate
6 - 10 человек

US based quantitative hedge fund develops and deploys systematic financial strategies across a broad range of asset classes and global markets. We seek to produce high-quality predictive signals (alphas) through our proprietary research platform to employ financial strategies focused on exploiting market inefficiencies. Our teams work collaboratively to drive the production of alphas and financial strategies — the foundation of a balanced, global investment platform.

Technologists at fund research, design, code, test and deploy projects while working collaboratively with researchers and portfolio managers. Our environment is relaxed yet intellectually driven. Our teams are lean and agile, which means rapid prototyping of products with immediate user feedback. We seek people who think in code, aspire to tackle undiscovered computer science challenges, and are motivated by being around like-minded people. In fact, of the 600 employees globally, approximately 500 of them code every day.

Fund success is built on a culture that pairs academic sensibility with accountability for results. Employees are encouraged to think openly about problems, balancing intellectualism and practicality. Excellent ideas come from anyone, anywhere. Employees are encouraged to challenge conventional thinking and possess an attitude of continuous improvement. That's a key ingredient in remaining a leader in any industry. Our goal is to hire the best and the brightest. We value intellectual horsepower first and foremost, and people who demonstrate an outstanding talent. There is no roadmap to future success, so we need people who can help us build it. Our collective intelligence will drive us there.




Our teams are working on an important internal web services which are critical to the firm. The right candidate will have the ability to advance the architecture and onboarding of these applications, as well as drive future project directions and architecture as it is integrated through significant parts of the firm.

  • Develop / Maintain internal web applications on cloud and on premise.
  • Write well-designed, testable code by using state-of-the-art software development practices.
  • Create website layout / user interface by using standard HTML / CSS practices.
  • Create and maintain software documentation.


Must have:

  • Experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript / TypeScript.
  • Demonstrated experience developing scalable and robust software web applications.
  • Experience with popular JavaScript libraries and tools such as React.js, jQuery, NPM.

Nice to have:

  • Finance experience is not required.
  • Advantage.
  • Experience with CI/CD and version control systems.
  • Experience with GCP.
  • Working experience with SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL).
  • Expertise in Python web frameworks such as Django, Flask and others.
  • A solid background in Unix / Linux environment.
  • Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills.
Ирина Пывина IT Recruiter

О компании Luxoft

Заказная разработка / Аутсорсинг

Luxoft (инвестиции $102.4 млн.) — это ведущая глобальная компания, оказывающая услуги по формированию digital стратегии и разработке программного обеспечения. Клиенты — крупные транснациональные корпорации по всему миру. 680+ текущих проектов, 250+ клиентов.

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