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Senior Software Engineer (FrontEnd)

в Datafold

330 000 —‍ 600 000 ₽/мес на руки

iconНидерланды, Германия
11 - 20 человек

Datafold is a data observability platform that helps Data teams move faster and with higher confidence by automating data quality analysis, monitoring, and common repetitive tasks in data engineering workflow.

If you are not very familiar with the data domain, the nature of their product is similar to APM tools such as Prometheus, Datadog and New Relic: they collect and integrate metadata about their customers data infrastructure, pipelines and datasets and provide valuable insights.

They are looking for an experienced front-end engineer to join their team to build together the definitive product in the data observability space.




  • They are a highly technical team with deep expertise in the Data domain: their founders built real-time telemetry systems and scaled some of the world’s largest data platforms at Autodesk and Lyft. Their company is backed by top-tier investors including YCombinator&NEA.
  • Now is a unique time to join the team since, on the one hand, they already have great momentum behind them — product, customers, investors, funding — but on the other hand, there is so much ahead and so many opportunities for the early team members to shape their product, technical stack, and culture.
  • Since the very beginning, the team has been remote & working from multiple continents and time zones. They value strong work ethics, honesty, and a growth mindset and are looking for mature and well-organized professionals who are excited about building a new and innovative product that will redefine how organizations use data.


  • Own the development of new customer-facing features.
  • Support & improve existing product front-end.
  • Write clean, maintainable, and secure code.
  • Clearly communicate with the team.


  • Solid JavaScript and/or TypeScript skills.
  • Proficiency with React&Redux.
  • Deep understanding of web-related technologies.
  • An eye for beauty and empathy for the user.
  • Experience with common tooling (Git, Docker).
  • English is a must (Advanced level).
Кристина Зворыкина Lead Technical Recruiter

О компании Datafold

Продуктовая компания
11 - 50

Datafold (инвестиции $22.2M) — платформа для управления контролем качества аналитических данных в средних и крупных компаниях. Datafold дает дата-инженерам удобную и эргономичную среду, многократно повышающую производительность за счет автоматизации рутинной работы. Компания расположена в Сан-Франциско, команда распределена между США и Москвой.

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