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The Software Development Company

ETL Developer

в The Software Development Company

1 500 —‍ 4 000 $/мес на руки

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Data Science / Machine Learning
1 - 5 человек

The Software Development Company LLC is looking for a mid-level ETL developer (extract, transform, load) to design and implement ETL processes. Your duties will include reviewing the company's storage needs, creating a data warehouse, extracting data from company servers, products, files, filling the new warehouse or databases, and testing it upon completion.

The position is remote-first, with a requirement to time-to-time attend meetings in Yerevan’s office, or if desired space in the office can be provided.

Successful candidates would have an opportunity to work with an international team of senior-level professionals on an impactful project.



Planned responsibilities

ETL process management:

  • Outline the ETL process, setting the borders of data processing.
  • Provide system architecture for each element and the whole data pipeline.
  • Document the requirements of the system and manage its development.
  • Take part in the actual development/implementation of ETL tools.
  • Conduct testing of the tools and data pipelines.

Data modeling: define the transformation stage and underlying technologies that will perform formatting.

Data warehouse architecture: defining data database/warehouse architecture as well as tools to load data into it.

Data pipeline (ETL tools) development:

  • Data cleanup.
  • Data extraction from a given sources.
  • Data uploading into a staging area.
  • Data formatting.
  • Loading structured data into the warehouse.

ETL testing:

  • Data model testing.
  • Data warehouse architecture testing.
  • Representation tools check.
  • Data flow validation.
  • Uploading/downloading/querying speed testing.
  • System performance tests.

Required qualifications

  • Software engineering background and experience in database development.
  • 2 years of working experience as an ETL developer or data engineering in other roles.
  • The tech stack is: ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, MariaDB, Python, Bash, Javascript, Java, C++, Scala, Golang experience is a plus.
  • English language — candidates should be able to freely communicate about their work.
  • Russian language is a plus.
Анна Папазян HR Specialist
The Software Development Company

О компании The Software Development Company

Продуктовая компания / Аутсорсинг
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The SDC is a premium software development company dedicated to providing end to end solutions for your business. They help enterprises provide successful and profitable services that users love and trust. From the idea to the deployment, they guide clients through the thorns of requirements engineering up until the product is deployed and stable.

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