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Muse Group

Design System Lead

в Muse Group

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Product Design
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6 - 10 человек

Muse Group creates the world's most popular software and communities for musicians. We develop software for music composition and production, build extensive content catalogues and continually innovate to improve the quality of life for the ordinary musician. This makes Muse Group the fastest growing company in the Music Technology segment.

Today, Muse Group reaches over 400 million users worldwide through its portfolio of software, mobile apps and online services that includes Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore, Audacity, StaffPad and more.

As one of the fastest-growing music tech companies (400M+ users across their portfolio of brands) they are continually expanding their team and seek candidates for the role — Design System Lead.

As a Design System Lead on the platform team, your primary focus would be on building and scaling a unified design system to be shared across their portfolio of products.

This role requires working across multiple teams to drive consensus and provide deliverables that meet the needs of each team. Strong visual design skills, systems thinking, attention to detail, and the ability to mediate and articulate design decisions are essential.

Strong communication and organizational skills are equally important to design skills in this role.




Product tasks:

  • Tactical and strategic planning on the design system.
  • Identifying user needs (qualitative and quantitative user research).
  • Evaluating system performance and ROI (formulating, implementing and tracking metrics).
  • Communication with the management and users.
  • System evangelism, marketing, user engagement.
  • Development and optimization of processes related to the design system (the process of adding components to the system, rules for using them).

Design tasks:

  • Development of a visual language (typography, color palette, indentation system and grid, iconography, animation).
  • Rationalization of the components (product audit, analysis of "competitors," identifying needs, creating new or reworking existing features, creating templates in Figma).
  • Design and development of a design library in Figma.
  • Work with documentation throughout the process.
  • Process automation (plugins for Figma, scripts, etc.).


  • 5+ years experience in UX or product design, including in-depth knowledge in design systems.
  • A strong portfolio of work demonstrating conceptual, UX and visual design.
  • Understanding of work processes and how product development works.
  • Solid visual design skills.
  • Basic level of working with animation.
  • Strong oral, written, visual communication and presentation skills in English.
  • General knowledge of HTML / CSS / JS and an understanding of technical fundamentals. This will allow you to establish proper contact with the developers and create the system more consciously.

It is also important if you

  • Are willing to create processes from scratch and, if necessary, change existing ones.
  • Think analytically. The ability to process large amounts of information, identify what’s most important and distill it to the minimum.
  • Are a strong and effective communicator.
  • Are happy and confident establishing connections with departments and functions, informing about progress, promoting your team, etc.
Evgeniya Katz Sr. Talent Manager
Muse Group

О компании Muse Group

Продуктовая компания
201 - 500

Muse Group — is a company-developer of products for musicians Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore and MuseClass.

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