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SRE Team Leader / Manager

в PulsePoint

15 000 —‍ 20 000 $/мес на руки

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B2 — Upper-IntermediateB2 — Upper-Intermediate

PulsePoint is a fast-growing healthcare technology company (with adtech roots) using real-time data to transform healthcare. We help brands and agencies interpret the hard-to-read signals across the health journey and unify these digital determinants of health with real-world data to produce the most dimensional view of the customer. Our award-winning advertising platforms use machine learning and programmatic automation to seamlessly activate this data, making marketing, predictive analytics, and decision support easy and instantaneous.

The PulsePoint platform is powered by terabytes of impression-level data, allowing brands to efficiently engage the right audiences at scale while helping publishers increase yield through actionable insights.

As an SRE team manager, you will take on the challenge of leading the support and continuous improvement of our high-load (10mln rps+) production Kubernetes cluster with a diverse array of services, having 3 direct reports, acting as a Technical leader on all Kubernetes related issues.

You should be able to sign a contract and legally receive payment from our US entity.



Team time zone

  • You will be required to work East Coast U.S. hours 9am-6pm EST.

What your team will be doing

  • Ensure reliability and scalability of our multi datacenter and hybrid Linux environments.
  • Managing the large-scale Linux infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Performance and reliability testing. This may include reviewing configuration, software choices/versions, hardware specs, etc.
  • Advancing our technology stack with innovative ideas and new creative solutions.
  • Participating in capacity management of core systems and services, application analysis and performance and security tuning. Provide operational support of systems and build automation to remediate and address the root cause; with the goal of automating response to all non-exceptional service conditions.
  • Create strategies for long term permanent fixes to critical production incidents.
  • Maintain documentation, build tooling, and create alerts to both identify and address infrastructure reliability.
  • Proactively identify system anomalies.


  • B2 level of English.
  • 7+ years of experience as an SRE/SysOps.
  • Best practices for architecting cross-datacenter Kubernetes clusters running on-premise.
  • Profound knowledge of Docker (Docker-shim), containerd and runc internals at the kernel level.
  • Ability to manually troubleshoot and solve certificate issues within Kubernetes with zero downtime.
  • In-depth understanding of Kubernetes security ACLs.
  • Expert-level skills in KubeDNS and CoreDNS.
  • Understanding of RPM based Linux systems.
  • Understanding of networking concepts (TCP/IP stack, DNS, CDN, load balancing, BGP).
  • Experience with scalable infrastructure monitoring solutions such as Icinga, Prometheus, ELK.
  • Any scripting language (Python/Ruby/Shell etc.).


  • Secret management, vault expertise.
  • Ability to manage BGP configuration, mastery in Kube-router and GoBGP, as well as MetalLB.
  • Expert-level skills in KubeDNS and CoreDNS.
  • Ability to resolve complex merge conflicts in Git.
  • Understanding of the most intricate details in Rook/Ceph implementation for Kubernetes.
  • Vast experience in development of custom Kubernetes operators and autoscalers, as well as tailored Ingress/Egress controllers.
  • Numerous successful major version upgrades of Elasticsearch and Fluentd in the past are a must, as well as KubeDB operator expertise.
  • Fluency in GitOps automation tools (Flux v1/v2), comprehensive knowledge of Helm Customise Controller.
  • Experience administering SQL/NoSQL databases (MySQL, ES, Redis, Cassandra).

We offer

  • Remote work or Relocation to EU (and later to US via L1 visa).
  • Salary: 15-20k USD / month, higher figures may be negotiated.
  • US holiday schedule.
  • 21 days of vacation.

Selection Process

  • Initial Screening (30 mins).
  • Technical K8s Screening (1 hour).
  • Hiring manager (45 mins) + SRE team.
  • Director of IT (30 mins) + Engineering (30 mins).
  • CTO of IB (30 mins) + CTO of PulsePoint (30 mins).
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О компании PulsePoint

51 - 100

PulsePoint — глобальная программная рекламная платформа со специализированным опытом в области здравоохранения, объединяет науку программного таргетинга, распространения и оптимизации с искусством взаимодействия с брендом.

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