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For more than 14 years, we have been successfully engaged in high-frequency algorithmic trading (HFT) in the derivatives and foreign exchange markets of the world. Our IT department creates a fully proprietary in-house solution, which is ultra-fast, distributed, highly scalable, and agile.

We are looking for talented and experienced software engineers to develop, optimize, and support our systems and tools. We have a large variety of roles for C++ Developers.

This is an on-site position. Relocation to Cyprus is mandatory.




  • Being engaged with high-performance systems, ensuring seamless data transfer and processing, enabling real-time decision-making (trading algorithms execution, risk management, trade reporting, market data feed processing, etc.).
  • Optimizing unique trading framework. Can you squeeze a 10-microsecond task into 1 microsecond? — perfect, we need you.
  • Developing and optimizing connectors to new or existing electronic markets.
  • Architecture and development of parts of the core engine.
  • Working with different kernel bypass solutions (onload, TCPDirect, ef_vi, DPDK).
  • Writing efficient data structures to store stock market information.


  • Fluency in C++ (we use C++17/20) and algorithms.
  • Self-motivated, smart, and creative, prefer to be on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Ability to write code that works 24/7.
  • Experience in system and network programming on Linux.
  • Understanding how the network stack works.

Even better if you:

  • Have working experience with multithreading/concurrency/lock-free.
  • Have experience with kernel bypass.
  • Wrote ultra-low latency applications in the past.
  • Have experience with application architecture.
  • Used vector instructions for performance.
  • Have Go programming experience.

What we offer

  • An objectively strong team (high-class mathematicians, architects, and engineers) that adheres to a scientific approach and retains the spirit of a startup.
  • Competitive salary + our a bonus system.
  • Benefit package (depending on the location of the office), relocation support, paid business trips to our European offices.
  • There are no hard deadlines and excessive pressure from above — we do not control the work process, but we create conditions so that everyone is interested in the result.
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Alber Blanc

О компании Alber Blanc

Продуктовая компания
51 - 100

Alber Blanc have more than 10 years of experience in high frequency algorithmic trading (HFT) in stock and cryptocurrency markets: we work as a professional market maker in 7 countries on the largest stock exchanges from Chicago to Hong Kong, are actively developing India/China and other areas.

Our IT department creates a fully proprietary in-house solution, which is ultra-fast, distributed, highly scalable and agile. We use cutting edge hardware, latest compilers and linux OS versions. This allows us to create and maintain a trading framework that adopts to any new markets or market changes fast, is scalable, flexible and provide perfect performance and reliability.

The team of more than 80 people operates from three offices in Switzerland, Italy and the largest office is in Limassol, Cyprus.

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