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Название скрыто (Fintech)

Data Engineer

в Название скрыто (Fintech)

3 500 —‍ 5 500 $/мес на руки

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Data Engineering

We're a global algo trading company with an advanced tech stack. Our company implements the full cycle: from developing trading strategies and algorithms to creating software.

We pay great attention to thorough market research and continuous development of our technological infrastructure. Join our dynamic team of over 100 professionals and contribute to our pursuit of precision and excellence.




  • Creating ETL processes and data marts.
  • Designing linearly scalable client wrappers for interacting with exchange APIs, brokers, data aggregators, vendors, and blockchains.
  • Working with FIX, HTTP, WebSocket, and gRPC protocols.
  • Configuring monitoring systems to ensure the reliability of ETL processes.
  • Developing BI dashboards/reports using data visualization tools such as Grafana, Tableau, LightweightCharts, and Google Sheets.
  • Analyzing and comparing diverse data sources, their costs, and the amount of effort required to obtain them.
  • Searching for data from non-normalized sources, such as news, social media, or websites.


  • Strong proficiency in SQL: aggregations, joins, subqueries, window functions (first, last, candle, histogram), indexes, query planning, and optimization.
  • Experience in designing database schemas: normalization/denormalization within the scope of OLAP/OLTP.
  • Understanding of different data storage architectures (Data Warehouse, Data Lake).
  • Experience working with databases such as PostgreSQL + TimescaleDB or ClickHouse.
  • Experience with raw data, including cleaning, normalization, and enrichment (CSV, JSON, PCAP, FIXML, etc.).
  • Experience with large datasets (1TB+) and understanding of data architecture for high-load systems.
  • Ability to work in a rapidly changing, dynamic environment.

Nice to have:

  • Proficiency in Docker, Airflow, and Kafka tools.
  • Experience and/or willingness to transition to Julia, Rust, Python.
  • Experience with the Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, Hive, Spark).
  • Understanding high-level business tasks and independently determining the data needed to solve them.
  • Knowledge of basic trading statistics such as PnL, trading volumes, funding and interest rates, profitability, variation margin, spreads, convert rates, weighted average prices, etc.
  • Knowledge of financial markets and high-frequency trading systems.
  • Experience with real-time data processing and streaming data technologies.

We offer

  • Being a part of a modern international technology team, zero bureaucracy, legacy and technical debt.
  • Great opportunities for professional growth and personal fulfillment: top team, cool atmosphere, participation in professional international conferences.
  • Remote work from anywhere in the world, flexible schedule, help with relocation.
  • A real wage, pay in hard currency, compensation for VMI, corporate sports and non-core training, help with relocation.
Elvira IT Recruiter
Название скрыто (Fintech)

О компании Название скрыто (Fintech)

101 - 200

The company name is under an NDA. A proven Fintech global company with an advanced stack and decade of successful trading experience is developing a proprietary platform to trade thousands of instruments across dozens of markets. The recruiter will disclose all details in person immediately upon response.

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