Senior System Developer (CloudGate Team)

в Nebius

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Nebius is a modern technology venture offering strategic partnerships to leading companies around the world, empowering them to create their own local hyperscaler platforms and become trustworthy providers of cloud services and technologies in their own regions. In addition to innovative software and hardware (including server racks designed in-house), Nebius also provides a launch-ready business model and customizable tools for support, sales, and marketing.

Our aim is to empower our partners to create their own IT infrastructure and deliver cutting-edge, disruptive cloud solutions to local markets, while keeping security and compliance with international standards like ISO and GDPR top priorities.

We’re a global company with offices in the Netherlands, Israel, and Serbia.

We’re looking for a Senior System Developer to work on external network connectivity in our large scale cloud systems.



About the team

  • Nebius was founded by a core team of engineers and business professionals with a proven track record of using cloud technologies to create value for other businesses. We know from experience that cutting-edge technologies can only make an impact if their innovation is matched by the level of the experts managing them, so as Nebius expands, our core priority is to attract the most qualified, enthusiastic, and driven individuals we can find to join our growing team.
  • Our GloudGate team is responsible for the software side of external network connectivity in our Cloud. We're building a traffic delivery system for a variety of scenarios: IPv4 connectivity, Cloud Interconnect, Egress NAT, and a network load balancer. They serve tens of millions of packets per second.
  • We have a control plane microservice architecture with gRPC transport and our own Database as our data warehouse.
  • You’re welcome to work in our office in Tel Aviv. 

What we do

  • Increase service scalability.
  • Develop service functionality with support for service endpoints and expansion of health check types.
  • Improve the internal architecture, optimizing interaction with related services.


  • Develop a data plane for Nebius Cloud network services.
  • Improve service performance and reliability.
  • Automate complex cross-service interaction scenarios.
  • Perform load testing for services.


  • Capable of writing reliable, high-performance code.
  • Proficient in C and ready to learn Go/C++.
  • Familiar with routing network traffic.

It would be an added bonus if you had:

  • Worked with VPP, DPDK, and the Linux kernel network subsystem.
  • Well-versed in virtual networks and overlays, SDN, NFV, DPI, network protocols, routing and tunneling, BGP, and MPLS.

Does all that sound like your kind of challenge? Then join us!

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О компании Nebius

Продуктовая компания
11 - 50

Nebius — современная IT-компания, помогающая создавать собственные локальные облачные платформы крупным B2B-бизнесам. Nebius предоставляет не только технологии, но и готовую к запуску бизнес-модель, включая инструменты для поддержки, продаж и маркетинга.

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