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Product Lead

в TalentWay

3 000 —‍ 5 000 $/мес на руки

📍 Остин (США)Полная удалёнка
Product Management
C1/C2 — Advanced / FluentC1/C2 — Advanced / Fluent

Please attach a cover letter when applying. Questions are presented at the end of the vacancy.

We are an American startup TalentWay. We are looking for a conscious product manager that wants to help thousands of other products grow professionally.

To do this, we are building a bridge between EdTech and HRTech. Now the recruitment and career development processes in the tech industry are broken, and we want to hack these boring systems.

You will need fluent English, Product Discovery skills, love for people and job-to-be-dones.

Possible relocation to Austin, Texas in 1 year (where the startup spirit from the Valley has already relocated).

About us

We start by building a bridge between EdTech и HRTech to disrupt how recruiting and career growth work.

We selected Product Management role as our beachhead (like Amazon selected selling books):

  1. Currently, when a leader wants to hire a great product manager, they experience a lot of pain. The same goes for the candidate. You might know it from experience.
  2. When tech professionals want to grow inside the company, the pathway to growth is unclear.

We’ve got expertise sufficient to make the disruption happen:

  • Sergey Makarov, our CEO, had built a large business in HRTech before with millions of users, where he became an expert in people assessments.
  • Anastasia, our Product Lead, has evaluated thousands of candidates and then hired and managed dozens of PMs. She leveraged all the frameworks one could find for hiring and career development, from Amazon, Geoff Smart (the “Who” book), and top-tier scale-ups for years.

Our product is the sum total of all useful frameworks for recruiting and career pathways out there! Tried and tested by us and all major companies.

Our Purpose is to unlock our own potential and help others to unlock theirs. Or, like Stephen Covey said: “Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs”.

About the team

  • The founder Sergey (Jay) Makarov is a serial entrepreneur: his previous business is a B2B that attracted >50% of “Fortune 100” enterprises in his region. The product is also in HRTech: it’s about employee assessments, and over the years, the company has conducted around 30 mln employee tests. Additionally, the founder started as a software engineer (ex-Microsoft) and later as a CTO, so he is a true tech industry pro. He is based in Austin, Texas, and loves this place.
  • The founder is working with Stacy. She is a seasoned Product Manager from scale-ups like Preply and Profi.ru. She has strong expertise in recruiting and development of PMs. She has talked to many hundreds of PMs and tested them via take-home tasks. She has managed dozens of PMs, and she’s been a candidate many times as well.
  • In the US, we have a partnership manager, several HR advisors, a fractional lead gen professional, and a content marketing expert. We are hiring a seasoned CMO in Texas right now. We also have three junior product assistants, passionate about our product and working remotely.

What you will be doing

This is a mission-critical player in the PM org. The main outcome is to find the PMF. After we find the initial PMF, this product manager will be the main person responsible for growing the product and identifying new big opportunities.

While we are at a pre-product stage, we are deciding which product will work best, so the daily job is about:

  1. Discovery. Owning it end to end. The goal is to prioritize segments, e.g., should we focus on B2B (CPOs) or B2C (candidates) or HR people?
  2. Conducting pilot projects. E.g., define several hypotheses about evaluating PM candidates, and help 5 companies go through the full cycle over 1 month.

So far, we have been doing discovery and pilots over the past few months, but we need a full-time product person to do them with much care and focus.

After several successful pilots, you’ll move to building the first product. At that stage:

  • You will hire a team of developers, designers, researchers/analysts.
  • You will define an MVP and build it in a team.
  • You will work with a CMO to launch it in the US market.
  • You will consider doing discovery to see if we should build other products.

You will report directly to Jay, CEO, and you’ll have a mentor Stacy, our seasoned part-time product lead who is also working on pilots.

Must-have skills


  • You can define hypotheses clearly. You’ve conducted a lot of user interviews. You feel confident creating surveys. All of these have enabled you to prioritize segments and jobs to be done.

Global experience or experience in the US B2B markets:

  • You speak English confidently and understand all the nuances of what the customers mean to say.
  • You know how to find respondents and have used tools for discovery in global markets.

Startup personality:

  • You are proactive.
  • You “push” the founder regarding your goals more often than he pushes you.

Nice-to-have skills


  • It’d be a big plus If you can create prototypes or even no-code products fast. E.g. in Figma or in Webflow. It will help us validate product ideas so much easier.


  • If you worked in B2B for several years — it’s a plus. More bonus points for some sales-related experience.

Edtech/HRtech experience:

  • This is self-explanatory.

What we value

We believe in culture, and this is not PR bullshit.

Our three DNA values are Radical Proactivity, Radical Synergy, and Radical Evolution. We build our work principles based on them.

Please check a few work principles — how natural they sound to you:

  • Focus on Impact. Do you have the guts to reform the system? Are you ready to start with yourself and unlock your own potential? What about your team's potential? Do you really want to help other people to find success at work and beyond?
  • User Happiness First. Monetization is so far away down the road. Do you have enough open-mindedness to innovate and never stop thinking about the value for end-users?
  • Radical Transparency. Are you ready to look in the mirror and hold the mirror for others? There is no space for intrigues or poor communication inside our teams and between our teams.

Career development opportunities

  • You’ll have “Found product/market fit on a global market” on your resume in just 6–12 months.
  • You’ll have “Was consistently promoted / increased his area of responsibility (number of products, team size)” on your resume. We want you to gradually become the leader of our product.

And you’ll have enough resources for that ($ and people).

P.S. Don’t forget that our vision is to help product managers realize their potential. That means you’ll have full support from our US and RU networks to grow professionally as fast as you want!

What we offer

  • You have the opportunity to build something that the users are truly happy about — this is the Founder's motivation to focus on user happiness, not immediate money-making.
  • You’ll have a dedicated team — in fact, you can be the main decision-maker when we hire our first product team.
  • Stock options.
  • Perks, e.g., gym (let’s discuss what makes you energetic).
  • An opportunity to relocate to Austin, Texas — a tech hub in the US that is growing superfast.

Submit on response

  • How your experience fits our position must-have skills and nice-to-have skills.
  • It’d be extremely helpful to read your past examples of discovery. Show us your thought process as well as possible (you can remove all sensitive info). Could be scripts with some explanations about your goals and logic, could be interview logs, the final presentation, examples of MVPs/prototypes in Figma/Webflow…
  • What are your “superpowers”? That is, even senior people often learn from you when they observe how you do something.
Сергей Макаров CEO

О компании TalentWay

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TalentWay — американский стартап, который строит мост между EdTech и HRTech. Команда работает над персонализированной обучающей платформой для сотрудников малого и среднего бизнеса.

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