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Senior Software Engineer

в inDrive

4 500 —‍ 6 000 €/мес на руки

📍 КазахстанКипрПомощь с переездом
Java / Golang
B1 — IntermediateB1 — Intermediate
6 - 10 человек

inDrive is an international passenger transportation service. We create a global high-tech product that changes the lives of millions of people for the better.

We are in the TOP-3 mobile services for ordering trips in the world in terms of the number of downloads — 150 million installations. We operate in 645 cities in 45 countries around the world.

We are currently looking for a Software Engineer to automate the platform in the infrastructure department.

The current focus of the team is to build an automated DevOps platform to manage DEV, TEST and partially multi-regional PROD environments.




  • Development of features from the idea/stakeholder request stage to the final implementation by the team: everyone in the team can become a “feature-owner”, design and implement a feature.
  • Functionality for managing short-lived, repeatable environments.
  • Management of application secrets and credentials (by Vault in the region).
  • CI mechanism.
  • CD mechanism — multi-region, deploy by strategy.
  • Application data management in DEV and TEST (up and backup/restore of database states, queues).
  • Monitoring and cost management.
  • Automation of functional and load tests in TEST environments.
  • Full pipeline implementation from repository push to production code in all regions.

In addition, there are possible additional activities as part of the company's infrastructure improvement upon completion of the project:

  • VPN system improvements.
  • AAA related solutions: accounting, authorization, authentication.
  • Finalization of triggers, creation of new Flow for SSO system based on SCIM 2.0 (RFC7642, RFC7643, RFC7644).
  • Integration of Kubernetes ingress to build Auth proxies with SSO.
  • Open-source applications patching.
  • Command support automation.


  • Analysis and design skills with system architecture in mind to turn a user need into a concrete implementation. Present the results of the analysis to the team on the PBR. Ability to think through security/access policies. Understanding that RND is not an endlessly stretching task and must end with a concrete result.
  • Ability and willingness to work with unfamiliar technology. No desire to use your favorite language/technology everywhere, regardless of tasks, requirements, or applicability.
  • Knowledge of different ways of implementing competitive code execution, understanding how they work, how they are similar and different, and which is better to use in which situation.
  • Ability to test your own code, including autotests.
  • Understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases and when it is more appropriate to use them. Experience in database optimization is desirable.
  • Understanding of the principles of CI/CD-systems: how one differs from the other, and preferably experience in working with them at the level of “I can set up a complete Pipeline from scratch”.
  • Experience with Kubernetes/OpenShift/etc.
  • Experience writing Helm charts.

Knowledge of at least two languages (PHP/JS does not count), including at least one of the Senor level list, with an understanding of how code works at a low level and the principles of standard library/framework design:

  • Kotlin/Java. Must have experience without Spring (we don't and won't have it). Experience with GraalVM or JVM tuning skills is desirable for a very fast start.
  • Golang.
  • Clojure (or Lisp, Racket, Scala, Elixir).
  • Flutter Web (Dart).

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with Vault.
  • Experience working with clouds.
  • Understanding of how a Kubernetes cluster is structured and works. Will be a plus if you've had to build one yourself (minikube doesn't count).
  • Experience with specific technologies used on a project would be a big plus.

What do we offer

  • A flexible work schedule, official employment compliant with the Labor Code. After one year of employment, workers are eligible for the Office Without Borders program, which allows them to move temporarily to and work from any location in the world.
  • Relocation to Cyprus or Kazakhstan at the company's expense, relocation package, reimbursement for hotel expenses until you find a place to rent, subsidized housing, assistance with arrangements for placing kids in schools and daycare centers, life insurance and voluntary health insurance.
  • Regular external and internal training. Employees have the opportunity to attend professional conferences as participants or speakers.
  • Partially or fully paid supplementary training courses.
  • The Sinet Challenge personal growth and development program, in which we set goals and work to reach them together: The Sinet Run is intended to foster a culture of running, and the Sinet Challenge is a partial compensation for outdoor activities during the vacation season.
  • Monthly “Fun Day” activities — corporate events in various formats, ranging from standup nights to hikes in the mountains.
  • Something nice on important dates —company gifts to mark weddings, the birth of a child, and birthdays.
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О компании inDrive

Продуктовая компания

inDrive — международная технологическая платформа транспортных и бытовых услуг. Они входят в топ-2 мобильных сервисов для заказа поездок в мире: более 150 миллионов установок, более 2 миллиардов поездок, 700+ городов в 40+ странах мира.

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