Machine Learning / NLP Engineer

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4 000 —‍ 6 000 $/мес на руки

iconМайами, США
Data Science / Machine Learning
1 - 5 человек

The Linguix team is bringing AI into the 21st century, developing artificial intelligence systems that can understand and generate natural language like never before.

Linguix is an AI-based writing assistant for marketing & sales teams.

We build browser extensions, and Web & Mobile apps to help people across the globe improve their communications and succeed in their personal life and career. Today, around 220k native and non-native English writers use our technology. Linguix has been featured on Product Hunt, Google Chrome Store, AppSumo, and others. Our head office is located in Miami, FL, but our team is remote and distributed.

At Linguix, we help people write with clarity, correcting mistakes and finding the right words using NLP methods. But we don’t stop there: Linguix is also an EdTech solution offering individual language skill improvement sessions based on the user's mistakes.

We are looking for an experienced Machine Learning / NLP Engineer.

Linguix is hiring remote specialists who have already relocated from Russia.




  • Lead the development of the core tool set for correcting, improving, and enhancing written English.
  • Effectively apply NLP, machine learning, and deep learning technologies on a large scale.
  • Implement reliable ML-based solutions for Linguix products, which are used regularly by hundreds of thousands of users.


  • Has experience in building neural networks working with written English.
  • Can shape the R&D strategy and contribute to the technical culture of the company.
  • Can come up with effective solutions based on the extensive knowledge of the machine learning and neural networks field. Can single out promising new technologies and apply them to ongoing tasks.
  • Has solid software engineering fundamentals, and a firm understanding of the principles and best practices of developing software systems on a large scale.
  • Has expertise in Python, its ecosystem, and Python-based ML tools and frameworks (Python, TensorFlow, Transformers, PyTorch, Numpy, Errant, FastAPI, NLTK, spaCy).

We offer

  • Linguix is a startup, and we offer all the goodies startup employees usually have: flexible schedule, remote work, large autonomy, huge impact on the project's architecture and technological solutions as the team is still compact.
  • We have great investors, established technology, and product/market fit. Linguix is a global project with ~220,000 users, paying customers, media coverage (e.g., Washington Post), and 10x year-to-year growth (with your help, we want to scale faster).
  • People love Linguix: our average ratings in stores is 4.5/5, also, we’ve set a record for Eastern European startups by becoming #1 Product of the day on Product hunt three times.
  • We pay in USD, an option program is in place. The company also sponsors educational activities and courses needed for your professional development.

This is a long-term full-time remote position.

Александр Лашков Co-Founder

О компании Linguix

Продуктовая компания
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11 - 50

Linguix — это сервис для оптимизации письма и проверки грамматики англоязычных текстов.

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