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Senior Frontend Engineer (Vue.js)

в Altium

4 000 —‍ 6 000 $/мес на руки

iconБелград, Сербия
51 - 100 человек

By transforming the way electronics are designed and built, Altium is changing the world. Here’s how:

  • More than 30,000 companies and 100,000 electronics engineers worldwide make Altium the most widely used PCB design tools in the industry.
  • Our digital platforms let PCB design, supply chain, and manufacturing collaborate in ways that are more effective than ever before.
  • To accelerate transformation, we’ve built a culture of innovation instead of process, where engineers have the freedom to think and work in the way they know will produce results.
  • We are growing, debt-free, and financially strong, with the resources to do whatever is needed to achieve our goal of being #1 in the Electronic Design Automation industry.

From startups to the world’s biggest companies, in clean power, transportation, communication, and more, Altium helps electronics engineers turn ideas into reality faster.

Altium 365 is our cloud-based design and collaboration platform that gives more power to every contributor in the electronics product chain, from the PCB designers to manufacturing. We claim it’s a GitHub for microelectronics engineers.


  • TypeScript primarily, JavaScript is still presented though, for keeping product alive.
  • Vue.js, both 2 and 3 in different areas, for building UI.
  • Sass for styling things.
  • Webpack for building stuff.
  • GitLab for code review and management.
  • GitLab, CI & Jenkins for CI/CD.

R&D Engineering at Altium:

“It’s the freedom.” At Altium, we don’t micromanage R&D software engineers. We define the goals, and give engineers the freedom and support to explore new ideas for taking on challenges and delivering results. This is a culture built and managed by engineers: peer-to-peer and easy cross-level communication. An open-source internal code model. Trust instead of red tape. The creativity and thrill of a startup that we never want to lose. The results are software tools and platforms like Altium Designer and Altium 365® that have won the respect of our most important constituency: the worldwide community of electronics engineers who can make their ideas a reality with unprecedented speed and efficiency.


Now we would like to hire Senior Frontend Engineers who:

  • Uses brand-new JavaScript primitives, but doesn’t forget about the old ones. Follows the development of the language standard.
  • Knows how a browser renders markup and executes code. Pays attention to performance bottlenecks.
  • Types the code with TypeScript.
  • Updates DOM in clever manner — uses Vue.js, React or any other framework.
  • Understands the network layer, considering security concerns.
  • Collaborates with other team members discussing code, design, architecture, even kitties.
  • Observe the codebase from an architectural point of view.
  • Shares a contract-first development vision.

About you:

  • You want a hand in shaping the future of technology, and you have the drive and passion for web software and technology to do it.
  • You are results driven and need to get things done.
  • You want to apply your talents where they’ll have the resources and freedom to explore new ideas.
  • And you love the idea of serving the engineering community, and through them, the world at large.

We do put strong emphasis on collaboration and incremental improvements, considering their efforts and impact. So be ready to stand for your point of view.


  • We have an office in Belgrade with a panoramic view.
  • We’re working on a hybrid format: 3 days a week — from the office, and 2 days a week — from the office / home.

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We would like you to know more about why a career at Altium is an opportunity like no other: link.

Александр Пашинцев Talent Acquisition Manager

О компании Altium

Продуктовая компания
501 - 1000

Altium — продуктовая ИТ-компания, которая делает софт для инженеров, позволяющий проектировать печатные платы (любую электронику) различной сложности (портативные девайсы, автомобили, спутники в космосе, батискафы под водой, область IoT и т.д.).

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