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Backend Developer (Pora AI)

в Palta

4 500 —‍ 5 500 €/мес на руки

iconЛимасол, Кипр
Golang / Python
11 - 20 человек

Palta is a multi-product tech platform developing a number of mobile apps focused on health&wellbeing space. Our portfolio includes such successful companies as Flo (global leader in female health with more than 42 mln MAU), Prisma (app of the year 2016, 150+ mln downloads), Simple (12m+ downloads). Currently, Palta portfolio consists of 9 mobile apps, all focused on global digital health & wellbeing market. Rapid portfolio growth is fueled by the recently raised $100 million in series B round led by VNV Global.

Palta apps are used by over 100 million health aware people globally!

Pora is a Beauty and Health AI assistant developed to democratize dermatology and cosmetology services. Our goal is to empower peoples' wellness and beauty with an ultimate tool for understanding and further improving their skin. We develop breakthrough AI solutions that combine deep knowledge of the user's condition with comprehensive competencies in skincare products.

We have already developed the iOS version of our app that is available in the US, Canada, and EU stores. It’s capable of:

  • Guiding the user through a dermatological questionnaire to understand their conditions and needs.
  • Taking images of the user’s face and providing ML-based analysis.
  • Providing meaningful recommendations of topical cosmetic products that can improve the skin conditions of the user.
  • Suggesting face exercises to maintain firmness and the youth of the skin.

Still, we are at our early stages now. We need to continue developing our backend services to improve the reliability, security, and effectiveness of our infrastructure. At the same time, we need to implement a large variety of new user scenarios. Last, but not least: we need to improve our analysis algorithms and data processing pipelines. So, for a Backend Engineer, we’re happy to propose a wide range of opportunities — from building infrastructure to research.


  • AWS: Fargate, S3, DynamoDB.
  • Golang, Python.
  • GitLab.

Our current team

The current team is pretty small: we have less than twenty team members. Most of our fellow colleagues are engineers — ML, backend, iOS and web developers. The product team also includes several designers, product and project managers as well as UX researchers. We collaborate with many scientists to make sure our app is in line with the existing body of research.

Most of the team is based in Limassol (Cyprus), and we are ready to help with relocation or discuss an opportunity to work remotely.

What do we need

The backend should meet various needs, including:

  • Serving the interactive user traffic.
  • Inferencing machine learning models.
  • Running regular processes to aggregate various data sources and provide the endpoints for the results.
  • Storing and processing the logs data.
  • And, for sure, we'll need a good monitoring system, tests, CI/CD pipelines, and almost everything you may imagine when speaking of the backend! We're with cloud solutions, so the corresponding experience should be handy.

We're looking for a solid professional to continue building the backend infrastructure and want someone responsible for it to join the team. If you also have the ambition to lead the corresponding team in the future — you're a top-notch candidate!

What we expect

  • Knowledge of Go / Python, or any other imperative programming language combined with the will to learn Go and Python.
  • Experience in developing high compute-consuming systems.
  • Familiarity with web frameworks such as Flask, Django, etc.
  • Familiarity with major system design concepts: load balancing, caching, databases, etc.
  • Familiarity with modern cloud systems: AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure, or similar.
  • Passion about healthcare, helping people, and launching awesome products.

Why work with us

  • A rare opportunity to launch a new big thing from scratch, not just continue some predecessors' work. We're working in a high-tech field and have the opportunity to improve the quality of many peoples' lives heavily.
  • The co-founders have vast experience and accomplishments in the industry. Therefore, working with such people closely is a great way to learn; moreover, their references might become a game-changer for any further career prospects.
  • You'll be able to take advantage of all the recent technologies, methods, and tools since we're a brand-new company, and there's no legacy or technical debt to be mindful of.
  • Being responsible for the whole backend architecture of an ML-based application is an awesome way to obtain decent knowledge and hands-on experience in various ML-related topics while having a job not requiring any ML background.
  • We're aiming at the worldwide market, and we'll work with user data, so we'll need to satisfy. A lot of regulations when working with personal and medical data. Having such an experience is quite rare and extremely valuable in the market.
  • We work with the best experts to support our knowledge when we don't have enough competencies. So, whatever is unclear — we have an expert to help overcome the issue.

Should we mention that joining the startup in the very early stage means an opportunity to lead a large department in the observable future? Indeed, we should! But it also means taking maximum out of the employee stock ownership plan. The fewer employees we have — the more shares we might offer. Join us while we're still small and benefit from our growth!

Please join us in our adventure!

Юлия Туркеева HR

О компании Palta

Продуктовая компания
Венчурное финансирование
501 - 1000

Palta — это экосистема глобальных мобильных продуктов в сегменте health & wellness. За последние 5 лет Palta запустила такие успешные компании, как Flo (мировой лидер в области женского здоровья, 40 млн.+ MAU), Prisma (лучшее приложение 2016 года в AppStore & Google Play, более 150 млн. загрузок), Simple (приложение для фастинга №1 в США). Сейчас Palta развивает 9 мобильных приложений, все из которых ориентированы на рынок красоты и здоровья.

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