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Gauss Money

Senior Haskell Backend Engineer

в Gauss Money

3 500 —‍ 7 000 $/мес на руки

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Placid Money is a new fintech that changes how Americans use $1T of credit card debt.

Placid turns debt into savings by:

  • Refinancing expensive credit card debt.
  • Building investments from interest and fees.

Placid is backed by Y Combinator and other leading global investors.

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer, no matter what programming language you typically use, to join our Haskell team and help us develop core fintech features and resolve critical growth bottlenecks (basic Haskell knowledge is required, courses and pet-projects are enough).

It's a great opportunity for those who love or would like to deep dive into Functional Programming and get production-grade experience with Haskell. You'll be a part of a tight team, optimizing the core functions of the product.




We are on a mission to make credit cheaper for those who need it most and help people leverage credit to become better off financially.

Our guiding principle is maximum impact, minimum disturbance — giving our customers the easiest way to create savings out of debts without much disruption to their financial lives.


We're a fully remote squad. We praise autonomy, self-motivation, and self-management. We expect everyone to truly care about what they do, take pride in how they do it, and strive for self and team improvement.

We believe we're working on some really cool things that will make a dent for society as a whole and hope everyone who joins will find it fascinating to connect the dots between their work and the impact it has.


  • Solid understanding of how distributed web systems work.
  • Solid experience with any of the statically-typed or/and functional languages (like Scala / Kotlin / Java / C# / F# / Rust / Erlang / Elixir / Clojure).
  • Basic Haskell knowledge (courses and pet-projects are enough).
  • Good English reading / writing skills.

You will get

  • Stable compensation $3,500-$7,000.
  • Flexible hours, remote setup.
  • Autonomy and influence.
  • Potential equity options.
  • Applied Haskell experience in a large-scale setting.
  • Globally resellable and highly in-demand experience in FinTech.
  • Work closely with the founding team in an open, fast-moving, and fun environment.
  • Experience with launching products in the most competitive market in the world.
  • Steep learning curve across a wide range of hard and soft skills and responsibilities.
  • Contribute to building products with a big social mission and world-class customer experiences.


  • About Placid Money: link.
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Gauss Money

О компании Gauss Money

Банки / Финтех
11 - 50

Gauss (ex Placid) Money — амбициозный финтех, который меняет то, как американцы используют 1 трлн. долларов долга по кредитной карте. Компания помогает сотням миллионов пользователей кредиток переходить от долга к сбережениям, вознаграждая дисциплинированную выплату долга.

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