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C / C++ / Rust

=nil; Foundation is hiring a Staff Engineer to work on the L2 scaling solution we are building.

Our project aims to increase the throughput and data capacity of blockchains to the point where executing general purpose code in a trustless environment becomes feasible. There are existing projects that solve this problem, but they are either slow, or lack sufficient security. We are solving both of these problems by having a system that relies on sharding/message passing, and utilizes zero-knowledge cryptography to achieve security.

Our codebase is written in C++ and is a combination of storage layer, networking, virtual machine runtime and a compiler. We are looking for someone who has experience with (and enjoys) solving complex architectural problems and driving them to completion.




We expect you to work on the core of the product which is written in C++.

  • You will be researching existing state-of-the-art in BFT consensus protocols. This involves reading papers and adapting suitable protocols to our implementation.
  • You'll also work on implementing protocol simulators to validate of our hypotheses.
  • You'll work with the team of engineers to decompose big projects into smaller pieces and drive their implementation.
  • You'll help maintain the high quality of the codebase, and make sure that good development practices are followed.


  • First, as this is a Staff Engineer role, you'd need to demonstrate that you have delivered reasonably big projects in the past. You need to have experience of driving the development and being a key contributor in such projects.
  • We don't put a lower bound on the amount of years of experience that you should have (but more than 10 years of experience is desirable).
  • You need to have significant previous experience in either data-intensive projects, or the ones that deal with networks.
  • We would also require knowledge of one of the systems programming languages like C++, C or Rust. Which one is not very important.
  • Good writing skills will be a plus, as we are a distributed team and rely on written communication a lot.
  • You should also have a solid understanding of the Linux user space and be familiar with troubleshooting and debugging.

Apply to discuss your benefit package, including health insurance, language courses, relocation support or other care the company may provide.

Ольга Корсакевич IT Recruiter
Nil foundation

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Nil foundation был создан для облегчения и улучшения проектов в области криптографии и баз данных с его командами и технологиями. Фонд поддерживает проекты (собственные и сторонние), предоставляя команды, экспертизу, технологии или финансирование. Nil foundation в партнерстве с P2P Validator способствовал запуску и развитию Free TON и Lido Finance, Filecoin Protocol и усовершенствований Chia Blockchain.

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