ML Engineer (Large Language Models)

в Nebius

4 000 —‍ 8 000 €/мес на руки

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Data Science
A2 — Pre-IntermediateA2 — Pre-Intermediate
11 - 20 человек

The Large Language Models (LLM) team at Nebius is committed to developing a cutting-edge LLM technological stack that encompasses:

  • Foundational model training.
  • Web-scale data collection.
  • Efficient inference.
  • Model alignment.
  • Model evaluation.

Our goal is to create state-of-the-art language generation technology for internal use and customer applications, propelling the development of the next generation of AI-powered products.

We are seeking Machine Learning (ML) engineers with diverse skill sets and a passion for large language models. Your contribution will help us construct a cutting-edge LLM stack.



Your responsibilities in this role will include some of the following

  • Designing and developing our distributed training and data processing infrastructure.
  • Experimenting with innovative deep learning methods to enhance the quality of our models.
  • Exploring techniques to augment the quality and volume of our training data.
  • Optimizing our training and inference infrastructure to squeeze out every FLOP out of hardware.

We expect you to have

  • Robust industrial or academic experience with deep learning.
  • A solid understanding of the theoretical foundations of machine learning.
  • Familiarity with a modern deep learning framework (TensorFlow, PyTorch or JAX).
  • Experience with contemporary software engineering approaches such as CI/CD, version control and unit testing.
  • A genuine enthusiasm for large language models and generative AI.
  • A commitment to extreme rigor in job-related activities.

Additional advantages include:

  • Experience working with language models or other similar NLP technologies.
  • Experience building and delivering products (not necessarily ML-related) in a dynamic startup-like environment.
  • Solid engineering skills, such as experience in developing large distributed systems or high-load web services.
  • Open-source projects that showcase your engineering skills.

Does this sound like the challenge you've been looking for? If so, we invite you to join us!

Илья Рыжов Talent Partner

О компании Nebius

Продуктовая компания
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Nebius — современная IT-компания, помогающая создавать собственные локальные облачные платформы крупным B2B-бизнесам. Nebius предоставляет не только технологии, но и готовую к запуску бизнес-модель, включая инструменты для поддержки, продаж и маркетинга.

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