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3 000 —‍ 6 000 $/мес на руки

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Data Science / Product Management

Gauss lowers interest rates on existing credit cards. We help people break out of structural debt and build wealth. Our vision is to build fair banking for the middle class.

We are looking for a driven ML Engineer with solid NLP experience, excited to explore and productive the possibilities that GPT opens for consumer fintech. You'll work directly with the founders to build massive consumer-facing features for one of the largest and most competitive fintech markets in the world.


  • BE: Haskell + AWS + Postgres.
  • FE: Flutter.
  • Chat UI: Intercom.
  • LLMs: OpenAI.


  • Develop common infrastructure to leverage LLMs for various use cases within the core products — memory, message flow, context retrieval, prompt adjusting etc.
  • Launch MVPs for various use cases based on the infrastructure built.
  • Pass successful MVPs to core engineering for scaling.
  • Keep track of the developments in the space.


  • Solid hands-on experience with infrastructure for NLP/GPT-based features.
  • Practical experience with training and fine-tuning domain-specific LLMs.
  • Data scraping and processing experience.
  • Practical experience with LangChain, AutoGPT or similar approaches to agent memory and API calls.
  • Practical experience with unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning for feedback loops.
  • Strong understanding of chat-based UX.


  • Flexible hours, remote setup.
  • Competitive salary and equity.
  • Autonomy and influence.
  • In-demand experience at a high-pace fintech.
  • Open, fast moving and fun environment.
  • Contribute to big social mission and world-class customer experiences.
  • Work closely with the founding team.
  • Experience with launching products in the most competitive market in the world.
  • Steep learning curves for hard and soft skills.
Александр Маценов Founder and CEO
Gauss Money

О компании Gauss Money

Банки / Финтех
11 - 50

Gauss (ex Placid) Money — амбициозный финтех, который меняет то, как американцы используют 1 трлн. долларов долга по кредитной карте. Компания помогает сотням миллионов пользователей кредиток переходить от долга к сбережениям, вознаграждая дисциплинированную выплату долга.

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