Senior Backend Developer (Billing)

в Nebius

4 000 —‍ 8 000 $/мес на руки

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Golang / Python

Nebius is a modern technology venture that enables country-scale B2B companies to build their own local cloud platforms, connecting businesses, tech communities and public organizations. We are the only platform that allows companies to build their own local hyperscaling cloud from scratch.

Our cloud platform is built based on 25 years of technological expertise and has a proven business model operating in Eastern Europe, UAE, and Israel. Our expanding ecosystem includes 50+ services covering all the clients’ business needs: from Managed Kubernetes to Machine Learning development and speech recognition.

Nebius is looking for a Backend Developer (Python, Go).


  • Python / Go.
  • YDB and ClickHouse. YDB lets us scale under high loads, while ClickHouse helps us handle OLAP queries.
  • K8s, Terraform, Nebius infrastructure services.

Control Plane and Data Plane

We have two teams: Control Plane and Data Plane.

Control Plane:

Control Plane handles business logic, from user account registrations and card bindings to invoicing, debt management and other scenarios.

Our work includes:

  • Integrating with international payment systems and gateways.
  • Managing Billing Account lifecycle.
  • Business processes automation.
  • Antifraud.
  • Public API.

Having a lot of external dependencies, most scenarios trigger distributed transactions. We invest a lot into fault tolerance, since almost every UI interaction depends on our system.

Data Plane:

Data Plane is a real-time data stream processing engine which is responsible for calculating user’s consumption.

Any resource in the cloud, be it a virtual machine or an object in object storage, has a lifecycle that generates events submitted to Billing. Data Plane processes those events and generates invoices as well as detailed analytics for external and internal user.

Current flow exceeds 2 billion events per day. Our job is to process them promptly (whole pipeline within 10 minutes), maintaining exactly once semantics and calculation idempotence.

Apart of resource consumption totals, Data Plane provides detailed dynamic expense breakdowns, having to face both, OLTP and OLAP patterns.

Our team

  • We work on real-time data streaming, business logic and analytics solutions. Our system is responsible for calculating service costs, integrations with accounting systems and payment gateways as well as FinOps instruments available for the user.
  • Being responsible for company revenue, we value code quality and thorough testing. Our platform has proven itself processing thousands of users, millions of dollars and billions of events. On a day-to-day basis, we’re challenged with horizontal scaling, fault tolerance, and ACID support in distributed transactions.

Team and development process

  • We work in a distributed team, we're happy to consider you whether you're looking to work in the office or only open to remote work.
  • We use Kanban for the development process, valuing results over methodology. With a six-month horizon for mid-term planning, we compare expectations with stakeholders and key customers on a monthly basis.
  • Environment stability and scalability are our first priority. We invest about 20% of our time into technical debt.
  • Code review, unit, functional, and integration tests. Each of the environments we support has its own staging.
  • We have on call shifts instead of dedicated admins and testers. We believe that the creator of the service is the best person who knows how to maintain it alive.


  • Knowledge of Python, Go.
  • Experience in building backend applications.

Experience with the following systems would be a plus:

  • NewSQL DBMS: Google Spanner, Cockroach DB, etc.
  • AWS Kinesis, Kafka, Apache Flink.
  • K8S, Terraform, Packer.


  • As an employer, we provide our employees with ambitious challenges, exceptional and thoughtful colleagues, competitive compensation, and benefits package.
  • We strive to find the best talent, enthusiastic self-driven individuals to achieve our common goals together in a fast-paced collaborative environment.

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Полина Ивашкова IT Recruiter

О компании Nebius

Продуктовая компания
11 - 50

Nebius — современная IT-компания, помогающая создавать собственные локальные облачные платформы крупным B2B-бизнесам. Nebius предоставляет не только технологии, но и готовую к запуску бизнес-модель, включая инструменты для поддержки, продаж и маркетинга.

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