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Product Management
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Muse Group creates the world's most popular software and communities for musicians. Today, Muse Group reaches over 400 million users worldwide through its portfolio of software, mobile apps, and online services that includes Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore, Audacity, StaffPad, and more.

Each product has its own history and audience, for example, Ultimate Guitar is a popular content platform for guitarists and singers, MuseScore is one of the largest sheet music catalogs as well as open-source software for writing original compositions and arrangements, Audacity is an open-source audio editor, StaffPad is an application for creating musical compositions using handwriting recognition.

The company has 7 products (verticals) and ecosystem directions (horizontals) — Monetization, Marketing, Content, ML, Operations, and others, that help each product and business as a whole to develop and grow. We also plan to increase the number of products in our portfolio and expand into new markets and user segments.

At the end of 2021, after deep research of new challenges and lots of feedback from our users, we decided to launch a new direction — educational courses for musicians. Now all our users have access to our catalog with video courses on how to play different instruments and on music theory. Thus, our users can learn how to play different instruments using our courses, practice, and share the results through our platform. We see how fast the courses are growing and that they have great potential.

That's why we are looking for an experienced Product Owner for educational music courses who will build a separate product with courses in our company. The ideal candidate is a hands-on leader with experience defining workflows and requirements for the development of well-loved music and audio software.

What you will do

  • Propose a detailed and ambitious product strategy for the Courses development.
  • Take over and complete the execution of the Courses Product.
  • Be responsible for the unit economics to achieve revenue goals.
  • Work on external traffic and interest in Courses and increase Product NPS.
  • Attract new authors and maintain a consistently high retention rate of authors.
  • Be responsible for the Courses content and production of new courses if needed.
  • Build a team necessary to develop the described Product.
  • Manage projects and work closely with colleagues from the Executive Team and Product teams.


  • 5+ years of experience as a Product Owner with a proven track record of strategic decisions that resulted in significant user and revenue growth.
  • Hands-on experience in establishing processes (planning, delivering, reporting, etc.).
  • Experience in identifying significant growth opportunities for the product (new user segments, new markets, new business models, etc.) and their implementation.
  • High analytical literacy with a proven track record of data-driven decisions that had a significant impact on product and business performance.
  • Music background (music school or knowing how to play a musical instrument).
  • Ability to translate business goals into the product development plan.
  • Strong management skills with an ability to prioritize according to business objectives.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills in managing remote teams in multiple locations; ability to build lasting relationships.
  • A healthy balance between quality and speed (i.e., high work standards and developing ahead of the competitors).
  • Result-driven attitude and critical thinking.
  • Experience working with international markets.
  • Fluent spoken and written English for efficient communication.

Nice to have:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Experience working with a product that has a large international community would be an advantage (our products have a long history and a large community of musicians).

We offer

  • International experience: become a part of an international team, from the US to the UK and beyond.
  • Creativity every day: we make products for musicians, artists and creators, and so each of us is a bit of a musician.
  • Opportunity to influence the development of the music industry: we positively impact the lives of 400 million musicians around the world — and growing! And also in this role you will influence on business decisions at the company level as well.
  • Growth: we pay for specialized training, language lessons, conferences and business books.
  • Care: we offer generous health insurance, discount on insurance for family members, therapy, and assistance in difficult life circumstances.
  • Relocation support to Cyprus for employee and family members (if needed).
Regina Mulyar Recruiter
Muse Group

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Muse Group — is a company-developer of products for musicians Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore and MuseClass.

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