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Middle/Senior C++ Developer

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350 000 —‍ 600 000 ₽/мес на руки

iconЛимасол, Кипр
11 - 20 человек

We have more than 10 years of experience in high frequency algorithmic trading (HFT) in stock and cryptocurrency markets: we work as a professional market maker in 7 countries on the largest stock exchanges from Chicago to Hong Kong, are actively developing India / China and other areas, and are among the leading market makers of Moscow Exchange.

We are looking for talented and experienced software engineers to develop, optimize, and support our systems and tools. We have a large variety of roles for C++ developers.


C++LinuxHTTP RESTWebSocket

What you will be doing

  • Developing and optimizing connectors to new or existing electronic markets. FIX, FAST, ITCH, SBE, etc. are low latency trading protocols that we use.
  • Developing and optimizing connectors to crypto exchanges using HTTP REST and WebSocket protocols.

Your particular responsibilities will depend on your experience and personal preferences.

We are looking for you if you

  • Can read documentation of exchange protocol, develop application that releases this protocol and handle emergency cases like connection drops, server unavailable, maintenance of network or servers etc.
  • Are fluent in C++ (we use C++ 11 / 14 / 17) and algorithms.
  • Have good understanding of Linux system internals and networking.
  • Are able to write code that works 24/7.
  • Analyze logs to investigate unexpected behaviour.

Even better if you:

  • Have working experience with exchange protocols for order routing and market data.
  • Wrote ultra-low latency applications in the past.
  • Have solid experience with networks.

What we offer

  • A wide range of highly challenging C++ development tasks.
  • Every six months we hold a performance review, on the results of which you may receive a bonus equal to your annual salary or even more.
  • We have a flexible social package, corporate cab and partial compensation for rent.
  • Cutting-edge hardware and software in production (fast CPUs and network cards, fresh Linux and GCC, Conan for package management, latest Boost).
  • Team of highly motivated and skilled engineers, architects, and mathematicians.
  • Relocation support.
  • Paid business trips to Italy a few times a year.
  • No tight deadlines, no over management, family-friendly work hours.
  • A lot of space for your ideas.

The position is based in St. Petersburg or Cyprus.

If you are from another city, but interested in moving to St. Petersburg or Cyprus, we will provide comprehensive assistance in arranging a new place for you and your family.

Our St. Petersburg office is located on the 23d floor of the Atlantic City business center and has a beautiful panoramic view of the 300th Anniversary Park and the Gulf of Finland. We don’t control your creative process, but we are interested in the result. You will get a competitive salary as well as the support and tools to develop your working skills so that you feel empowered to be at your best, both personally and professionally.

Александра Вуколова HR Manager
Alber Blanc

О компании Alber Blanc

Продуктовая компания
51 - 100

Alber Blanc — группа инновационных компаний в области финансов, цифровых активов, телекоммуникаций и автономных летательных аппаратов. Среди них: проект MicroAvia (системы автопилотируемых дронов), Radio (ultra-low latency система для передачи данных на значительные расстояния) и CyberDrone. С 2017 года начали торговать цифровыми активами, а в 2018 году создали частный фонд. Ежемесячно компания совершает порядка 10 млн. сделок с оборотом до 150 млрд. долларов на биржах от Чикаго до Гонконга.

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